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At Salterhebble we believe Reception is the most important year for children as this is when they start their journey through school. We need to ensure that we nurture their love for school and learning right from the start, so that it continues throughout their school life.

Our aim is to ensure that the children have a happy, safe, positive and fun start. We help each child to recognise their own strengths and achievements through incidental learning as well as carefully planned activities, engaging the children’s interests.

Each child has different interests and learns in different ways. At Salterhebble School, the Early Years Foundation Stage offers a wide range of learning experiences and activities for all children, laying the foundations to become successful learners.


The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

The Early Year Foundation Stage Curriculum is divided into seven areas of learning.

These are further divided into three prime areas and four specific areas:

Teaching and learning in our Reception Class will cover all areas of learning in lots of fun and engaging activities through indoor and outdoor provision.



Throughout the school day children have access to different areas around the classroom and outdoors to enrich and enhance their learning opportunities.

All staff engage with the children to encourage Characteristics of Learning within the Framework; These include Playing and Exploring, Active Learning and Creating and Thinking Critically.

Around our classroom we have:

  • Mark Making Area
  • Number Area
  • Role-Play Area
  • Creative/Messy Area
  • Sand/Water area
  • Reading Garden
  • Computers
  • Construction Area
  • Outdoor Area
  • Snack