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Languages at Salterhebble

Pupils will be taught a minimum of one 45-minute lesson of French in 50% of the weeks in which they are in Key Stage 2.

French teaching will allow children to develop their knowledge of core French vocabulary (sticky knowledge) and language concepts through reading, writing, speaking and listening activities in every lesson.

Frequent practice of core conversation skills will enable children to further develop their confidence with speaking and listening skills.

The regular use of songs, rhymes, stories and poems in lessons will embed core vocabulary and language features as well as providing frequent opportunities for the receptive learning of a wider range of French vocabulary.

Important aspects of French grammar will be taught at appropriate times, and comparisons made with English grammar.

Children will learn about some similarities and differences between the culture and customs of France and the UK, as well as developing their locational knowledge of France and other French-speaking nations.

Languages knowledge and skills progression