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At Salterhebble, we strive to deliver a high quality Science curriculum which allows our pupils to recognise the significance of science in their everyday lives. We explicitly teach pupils the skills and knowledge they need to become methodical, analytical and inquisitive scientists.

Our curriculum has science enquiry at its heart. We encourage our pupils to be enquiry based learners and our science teaching ensures our pupils develop the necessary disciplinary knowledge as they progress through the school to enable them to become the scientists of the future.

As scientists, pupils throughout Salterhebble work collaboratively to develop their research, communication and critical thinking skills. We encourage curiosity about natural phenomena and encourage our pupils to ask questions about the world around them.

We ensure all children are exposed to high quality science teaching and a range of learning experiences. Science teaching is carefully sequenced to ensure a clear progression of substantive knowledge and disciplinary knowledge. Each lesson is designed to explore and build on children’s prior knowledge. This allows for misconceptions to be addressed effectively.

The substantive knowledge builds progressively to develop children’s understanding of concepts, models, laws and theories. It is organised into the following four areas:


  • Living things and their environment
  • Reproduction, inheritance and evolution


  • States of matter
  • Materials (properties and changes)


  • Energy
  • Forces

Earth Science

  • Earth and space


The disciplinary knowledge builds progressively to enable children to work scientifically and covers the following aspects:

  • Methods used to answer questions
  • Using apparatus and techniques
  • Data analysis
  • Using evidence to develop explanations


Science Fair
Well done to all our scientists who created a science project for our first Science Fair! All the children worked incredibly hard and have wowed us with their scientific knowledge and understanding! From interesting and exciting experiments, to careful research, and wonderful presentation, every single project has showcased the children's talent and enthusiasm for scientific discovery!